Adonai Tool & Die Engineering Specializes in Automated Machines, Metal Stamping, Machining & Grinding, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Custom Product Manufacturing
Specializes in Automated Machines, Metal Stamping, Machining & Grinding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, & Custom Product Manufacturing
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Adonai "Tool & Die" Engineering not only specializes in automated machines, metal stamping, machining and grinding and sheet metal fabrication but has also developed a unique machine called a "cornering machine". The "cornering machine" developed by Adonai is engineered to bore out or drill and tap "angled" or "cornered" metal products. This specialized piece of equipment can drill and tap up to 15 products per minute, making it an integral part of Adonai's production capabilities. This specialized piece of equipment allows Adonai to create custom metal fabricated products in a fraction of the time. For more information on this service please call (661) 267-1116.

Adonai's Drilling & Tapping Machine To view a movie of Adonai's Drilling & Tapping Machine in action please click on the link that is most appropriate for your computer system.
Drilling & Tapping Machine Drilling & Tapping Machine

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