Adonai Tool & Die Engineering Specializes in Automated Machines, Metal Stamping, Machining & Grinding, Sheet Metal Fabrication & Custom Product Manufacturing
Specializes in Automated Machines, Metal Stamping, Machining & Grinding, Sheet Metal Fabrication, & Custom Product Manufacturing
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Adonai "Tool & Die" Engineering offers a variety of specialized custom services to help design, develop, and create custom metal fabricated products. These services include, but are not limited too, automated machines, metal breaking, metal stamping, machining and grinding, drilling and tapping, sheet metal fabrication, and tool and die engineering. One of Adonai's most recent custom metal fabrication projects is a full line of Floor Safe Boxes. Adonai's Floor Safe Boxes are an excellent example of the type of quality products we manufacture and are able to produce. A few other projects produced by Adonai include gussets, electrical lighting components, heavy duty gate and garage safety lock boxes, metal safety box charging components, and a variety of other custom products.
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